About Us

Our team consist of tradesman highly skilled in his own field and versatile in many other areas that is able to deliver and produce a standard and finish that second to none. Prestige Building and Design Ltd was formed with professional, Bespoke, Technological environmental and eco-friendly criterias in mind and Outlook with a clean finish to satisfy and meet the growing demand and challenges in the digital age which is Limitless within the building industry. From planning to completion engaging on all trades necessary beit Structural, Plumbing, Steel fabrication to Painting to Heating. We take pride in our work, Dedication with a strive for excellence with every project we take onboard to deliver the service that will relieve you of all the stresses & strains involved to deliver your requirements. Our Strapline: "we'll make it work" Creating and bring your ideas into reality to giving you satisfaction and ease from start to finish. The journey will be stimulated by the smiles on your face encouraged by the kudos received for our sincere efforts. Our beliefs are based on true ethics, Values & trust with commitment from all involved.